ICF Promotional Emails


ICF Promotional Emails These email templates were designed and developed for distribution through Click Dimensions. Per ICF brand guidelines, multiple color combinations were created for the graphical elements and available for campaign managers to select based on content needs. I provided design elements and aided in template coding.

Construction Instruction Website


Construction Instruction Website Construction Instruction is a training and consulting company that teaches best building practices through on-site seminars and video tutorials. Among other things, they wanted their website to provide information and registration for seminars, allow users to view past video tutorials, and download their app. This site was built with WordPress to allow [...]

TAAZ.com Website


TAAZ.com Website TAAZ.com was an online beauty destination that used computer vision to add realistic looking makeup and hair application onto user photos (a revolutionary concept at the time). The purpose of the redesign was to attract more users by creating a social portal, so we added the ability for users to create a profile, [...]

CPM Partners Website


CPM Partners Website CPM Partners is a San Diego based construction project management company. The client was looking to create a presence in the market and promote her team, philosophy and recent projects. The design and development were done in 2009, so the site is not responsive and looks a bit dated compared to today's [...]

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